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Bangladesh recruitment agency

--The  professional Bangladesh manpower hiring agency for  garment / sewing construction worker N welders

Who we are?

Being one of the very few industrial recruitment agencies in Bangladesh, we are very confidence with our major directors’ MNC industrial / processing experience and deep knowledge for the modern standard industrial recruitment. We lead the market in recruitment service for the skilled worker and tradesmen of construction and interior, sewing and garment workers, welder, etc.


Manpower resources

Bangladesh is the top 8 populous country in the world. Construction plays key economic role and attract tens of millions manpower in the job market. It is said that there are more than 1 million Bangladesh construction and building workers working in overseas construction industry.

Besides construction, garment industry, as a traditional manufacturing in the country, is the major job supplier for most Bangladesh female and also offers millions job vacancies. For this reason, most international clothing brands have their production in Bangladesh and thus provide us millions skilled sewing workers for our overseas garment worker recruitment agency service from Bangladesh.


How we recruit?

There is standard process for our international recruitment practice. We will need “ Manpower Demand Letter” for our starting the sourcing. After screening and short-listing, we will forward potential CVs with necessary documents for employers’ decision. For most of the industrial recruitment, we will prefer employer to be here in Bangladesh for the on-site-test.

Top positioning the best matching with profound understanding of employer’s job offer, make us one of the dominant Bangladesh recruitment agency for construction, sewing and garment workers, welders and other tradesmen.


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Please contact us for any manpower sourcing matter.

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